Feb 20



Hey everyone! I’m in Hollywood and have 5 days until the Los Angeles Premiere of “Girl Walk // All Day”! … While I was on the 35-hour train ride from Seattle, I decided to turn this week into a fun mission (see headline).

Around hour-29-or-so of the trip, and after 6+ months of editors-block, I got a sudden burst of inspiration to make a video dedicated to Ellen with some friends I made while stretching in the game room (…who knew trains had game rooms?? None of the games worked though! :-p).

This is what came out! -> 

If you agree that this is something that would be awesome to happen, please help me by tweeting her here -> with a link to the video I made (yes, I even made a twitter for this quest -> “@AnneMarsen”)!   

The way that would help my chances the most is if you write to her here! ->

And now I prepare for phase two… Starting today, I’m going to make a different dance video for each day of this week, each in a different spot of Los Angeles, all leading up to the Hollywood screening on February 25th! Hopefully (with your help!) they will catch Ellen’s attention and I will get to dance with her! :-D 

Whether or not this works, this is going to be an awesome week. I’m tired of being scared of trying things like this. This past year, I have been gravitating more towards not worrying so much and letting things go/flow naturally… but at the same time (and even though there is so much beauty in this world) it feels like there’s a lot of scary stuff going on with the um… human race. While I don’t think I have it in me to be a doctor, politician or global warming scientist… I want to help in my own way. I want to make work that inspires people to follow their passions and to take better care of themselves, each other and our home… That’s the real mission. While it would be awesome to share a little of that with Ellen this week, I sure as hell ain’t quittin’ no matter what happens! 

Hoping you are all well. :-) 

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